Friday, July 22, 2011

Top 5 Friday - Blog feeds

I love RSS feeds.  I follow way too many.  Here's a top 5 i'm enjoying at the moment:

Austin Kleon's Scrapbook blog: Austin already has a a great blog of his own work, but he's also got a tumblr feed where he posts interesting and inspiring stuff he finds.

XKCD: Don't let the simple stick-figures fool you.  This is one of the best online comic strips today.  Make sure to hover your mouse over the image for the alt text closing words.

Derren Brown: Illusionist and painter.  What makes his blog great however is that it doesn't just cover magic and painting.  He has a very dedicated team (predominantly two called Phillis and Abeo) who post numerous interesting articles across a range of curious topics.

Parka Blogs: A great art book review site.  What separates his review style from most is the amount of images he posts of the pages alongside a video of actually flipping through the book content. When you're thinking of purchasing an art book this is very useful.

MAKE Magazine: Because I just love the maker community.  So many cool and fun projects going on with everything from art to technology.