Sunday, September 30, 2007


It's October already and I feel like I only started the year a few weeks back. I'm just passing through to say if you haven't looked at recently go check it out. Still one of my favourite resources for inspiration in motion graphics and animation.

(Note that although the post is DATED the 30th of September it is in fact October the 1st. Australia is from the future!)

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Rebeccak said...

I know what you mean - time is going crazy fast. I can't believe I've been in LA for 4 months already! Btw I went to this freakin' amazing bookstore today called Stuart Ng -

He has some original drawings by Claire Wendling that he showed us, as well as a ton of other rare and out of print art books + tons of comic art / illustration / old master paintings and drawings, etc. I'm now out $65 for James Jean's Process / Recess 2 and a book on Henry Yan's drawings. Score!!! :D