Sunday, February 17, 2008

Give that Mocha some sugar!

Well hot darn it, if sometimes software surprises me. I recently got into the Imagineer suite of tools via fxPhd, slightly skeptical of their planar tracking methodology. I was pleasantly, if not abundantly blown away by the power and speed of the apps. So much so that I purchased the After Effects version of Mocha right away.

The ease of use is abundant. It makes you want to fall to your knees holding your 4-point pixel tracker in the rain and cry.

Well, maybe that's overdoing it a bit. At any rate, well done Imagineer!


glennji said...

The only mocha I like is made with fresh, strong Italian coffee and comes in white ceramic mugs with tiny handles. But that's just me. :-D

Martin Brennand said...

I could track a picture of a moose onto the side of your coffee cup in minutes!